Too young for glasses?

Starring:  Elyssa Vasquez, Samuel Omane, Kason Robinson,
Eliseo Puello Sanchez, Sophia Sepulveda, & William Zheng

With special thanks to their families!

We know that it is difficult to obtain diagnosis and actual measurement of vision in young children.  However, if a vision impairment is identified which can even partially be corrected by use of prescription lenses, there is no reason to wait!  Even the youngest child can learn to wear glasses!

It has been estimated that 80-90% of learning is based on vision use.  Therefore, reduced vision limits learning and can cause developmental delay.  Children who have corrected vision, show increased attention to activities and more awareness of movement, surface details and distance perception. 

Although prescription for eyeglasses and/or eye patching is never too early, it can be too late (especially in regards to eye-patching , which, if not done soon enough, results in vision loss.)  However, there is little information available to families in support of eyeglasses and patching.  Most children struggle against use of glasses and/or eye-patching, especially when forced.  The resulting conflict impacts on family relationship and often results in failure (the family abandons efforts.)   Their efforts require not just days, weeks or months, but
years.   With gentle, respectful teaching and encouragement by the family, successful use increases and progress advances! 

The ideas you'll find here were suggested by families and teachers--please feel free to share your own experiences and ideas.

For more information or if you would like to contribute other suggestions, please contact:
Donna Farrimond, MS
Vision Consultant and Education Specialist

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